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Summer Camp

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Master Ong
OTA Head Master

Master Ong is a 5th degree WTF and 2000 World Champion Medalist. He is a Certified International Taekwondo Master Instructor (WTF) and Certified International Taekwondo Referee. Master Ong is training students since 1997, and some of them became well-known champions. Our instructor and founder of the school is also a former member of Philippine National Taekwondo Team.

Marissa Simmons
OTA Music Studio Director

Marissa is the Director of the OTA Music Studio as well as one of its instructors. She teaches piano, voice, violin, and musicianship lessons. Marissa has a multitude of experience teaching music to all ages and abilities. She has her Master of Music in Opera from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music as well as her Bachelor of Music in Opera, Music Theory, and Composition from the Frost School of Music. Marissa performs regularly with many of the small opera companies throughout the Chicagoland area.

Nathan L. Smith
Guitar/Piano/Bass/Uke Instructor

Nathan's five years of teaching experience encompasses a broad spectrum of settings--from one-on-one private lessons in an air-conditioned room to instructing 100 marching band students on a parking lot in the hot, summer sun. As an instructor, Nathan teaches guitar (classical/pop/rock/jazz | all levels), piano (beginner through intermediate), ukelele (pop/rock), and bass (pop/rock). He holds a Master of Arts from The University of Chicago and a Bachelor of Arts from Butler University, both of which focused on music theory/history.